Random Thoughts

Grateful for September 2015


So grateful for an amazing September 2015! 
Monthly Highlights:

  • Visited my parents in New Jersey
  • Took a paddling trip to Ireland
  • Built and launched my first Blog in WordPress
  • Launched my Business Site on line
  • Launched my first 2 products for sale (Add In Plan, 12 Day Cleanse)
  • Rested from exercise and paddling the last 2 weeks of the month (nice break)
  • Started studying for my NASM CPT exam
  • Became a Certified Spinning Instructor at MAD DOGG

Excited to welcome October and hope it begins feeling like fall here in S. Cali. We have had heat in the 90’s most of the month which is very unusual. Hope everyone else had a great September!


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