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Healthy goodie box

Heres a great idea for the upcoming week. Build a Healthy Goodies Box

For most people a full 25% of calories in any given day can come from snacking. That means you should probably try to plan ahead for your afternoon snack by making it a healthier option. Why not build your own snack box on the weekends and take it to work? This will give you a better chance at grabbing for something healthier when you get the urge.

What kinds of things would you put in your snack box?  Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Laura Bars or Quest Bars
  2. String Cheese
  3. Dried Fruit
  4. Fresh Fruits like Apples or Pears (whatever is in season)
  5. Rice Cake and packets of almond butter
  6. Packets of protein for an afternoon protein drink
  7. Herb tea packets or Green tea packets
  8. Almond packs (small size)
  9. Gluten free snack size pack of pretzels
  10. Beef or turkey sticks

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