Health Coaching

I’m a Health Coach and Here’s what I Do!


I’m a health coach and here’s what i do!


Let me start off by saying I don’t just sell detoxes, cleanses, and other types of weight loss plans because you can get these anywhere and most for free.

What I do sell is my knowledge, planning and goal setting strategies to help you create a lifestyle that consists of healthy choices in all aspects of your life.

I’m your coach! 

I help you understand foods and how they affect you, your body and your moods. I teach you how to shop, cook, and make new habits for healthy eating choices. I will work with you to set goals and to make sure you keep on course with them. We will monitor your progress, celebrate your accomplishments and learn from setbacks.

The Missing Link

I’m the missing link between you and your doctor. Your doctor may tell you that you need to eat better, but may not take the time to point out the healthy foods you should be eating. Your doctor may tell you that you need more exercise, but may not point out to do movement that you enjoy. I help you with all of these things.

Think of me like your driving instructor

I’m your “driving instructor”. I’m NOT steering the car but rather helping define your route, guiding you to where you need to go. I’m supporting you each step you take as this is a partnership and we are in this together!

If you would like to learn more visit me at:


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CHHC, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach 

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