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Healthy habits day 2: Listen to your inner voice. What do you really need?

Do you struggle with listening to your inner voice? Do you doubt yourself and every inner signal you get? Your not alone.

Most decisions I make that are in direct conflict with what my inner voice tells me to do are ones I often regret. Our inner voice is so wise, it knows what we should do without us even thinking and provides us wisdom and guidance throughout our whole life.

What is the Inner Voice? You may get nudges from your should by getting inspirational thoughts. It may be an unexplainable feeling that gets you into action. Or you may see an image in your mind. My inner wisdom is a blend of all of the above. But more often than not, it communicates through feeling. I like to say that it’s like I have cat whiskers all over my body. I feel my way through life. I still misinterpret the messages I get. Sometimes I follow fear. Sometimes I give into resistance. I have learned to be okay with that.

How to Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

  1. Calm Down when your mind is calm your connection to your inner voice is strongest
  2. Stop Trying – Let go, relax and be in peace then things will come
  3. Be Patient – Don’t put pressure on yourself to get answers right now, right here – Calm down, pay attention and remember the three T’s (Things Take Time)

Today take the time to relax and practice listening to your inner voice. What does it say?

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