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Healthy Habits Day 3 – The 90% Rule of Eating Well


Healthy habits day 3 – the 90% rule of eating well

I am in love with Day 3 Healthy Habits because healthy food makes me feel unbelievable!  I think you all realize that 100% nutritional discipline is never really needed to completely change your body and how you feel? The difference between sticking to the rules 90% (or even 80%) of the time and sticking to them 100% of the time is minor.

What I like about this rule? That extra 10% means I’m not in jail and I’m free to eat anything. What’s amazing is I don’t! I do what’s called “Free Friday”. On Free Friday I can have whatever I like and most Friday’s that’s still nutrient rich, clean, whole foods because I like how I feel. What do I splurge on? Ice cream….   Yup, that’s my big downfall but I allow myself to have it on Friday evenings!

Follow the rules 90% (or 80%) of the time and you will be fine 

So the formula is easy: eat any food you like for 10% of your meals; in the other 90% (or 80%) eat the foods that will fuel your body to success. That ratio will give you the body you want AND the healthy lifestyle you crave!

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