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Healthy Habits Day 8 – Journaling


Healthy Habits Day 8 – Journaling for fun

Journaling in 10 simple steps – if it’s any more complicated it won’t work!

1: Keep it simple
2: Keep it private
3: Do it everyday
4: Forget about grammar and spelling
5: Write what you know
6: Determine your best time and place
7: Write something that speaks to you
8: Write by hand (not computer)
9: Don’t make grand announcements
10: Enjoy! It should be fun. If not, stop doing it

Have a great day everyone largeSignature 1

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Habits Day 8 – Journaling”

    1. That’s great Luke… I jot down each day (briefly) what I ate and how I felt. I have learned so much about foods and what works and doesn’t work for me from that. Have a great day!


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