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Healthy Habits Day 13 – Cut Down on Prescription Drugs


Healthy Habits day 13 – cut down on PRESCRIPTION drugs

This is the last day on Heathy habits (all 13 of them). We couldn’t have ended on a better topic as I am so passionate about fighting the abuse of prescription drugs given to the elderly.

I can’t tell you how many people I know that are living off prescription drugs and think that’s the cure! I won’t go on a rant here but let’s just I am working REALLY HARD for both Steven and me to NEVER take any prescription drugs!

I do believe they are a death sentence (in most cases) with some exceptions.

With that said, what a great way to end this happy healthy series on a positive note with the message:

Try to Cut Down on your Prescription Drugs – talk to your GP and see if they will review your cocktails and help! Save your life!!!!!

Peace and love to you all – I hope you have enjoyed these healthy habits!


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