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Have a Happy Healthy Halloween Everyone!


Happy healty Halloween Everyone! 

I remember as a kid looking forward to trick-or-treat. Dressing up was fun and scrambling through town collecting as much candy as possible. I also remember getting home, sorting through my bag for all the “good stuff” and eating way too much sugar. In fact sometimes I felt sick. Oh those are good memories!

This Halloween I know better and I’m changing things up a bit for a few reasons:

1) I’m older now and don’t scramble through towns,
2) I didn’t plan on a costume this year so I’ll probably stay home,
3) I know better than to eat all that sugar

Here are a few tips for you too still enjoy Halloween but make it a bit healthier:

  • Fill up on healthy foods early in the day (I’m drinking my protein shakes, plenty of water, whatever I can to get full on healthy nutrient rich foods before I uncontrollably reach for the candy)
  • Don’t deprive yourself. My teacher and IIN School founder Joshua Rosenthal had 1 rule called the 90/10 rule. Eat 90% healthy and forget the rest. I like that rule!
  • Eat good chocolates – Cocoa is one of the superfoods so go ahead and eat, it’s nutritious! However, make sure it’s 75% more cocoa.
  • Have fun! Watch scary movies, have a costume party, carve pumpkins – keep busy so you don’t go crazy eating a lot of sugar!

With just a few easy to follow changes you can have a Happy Healthy Halloween too!


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