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Food done right!

I didn’t know there was a right or wrong way to cook until I learned that cooking with only 1-3 ingredients is what worked. I grew up working outdoors on a farm, never spent much time indoors learning how to cook. My mom did that and she was the best! My first year of college was great because I lived on campus and ate at the school cafeteria.. it was “all you could eat” of mostly bad food but tasted great!

After college and settling into my career I was mostly on the road eating out and making bad choices. By the time I reached 50 I was sick, fat, and feeling miserable.

I decided to make a change, hired a coach and learned about eating clean. I still hated the thought of cooking but over the past few years have learned the following:

  • Meals with only 1-3 key ingredients is key
  • If you need a recipe it’s probably too hard for me
  • Using fresh herbs in anything is good (taste good, and gives you some kind of great added bonus for your health)
  • Taking time to present food in a pretty manner is KEY – it makes something plain and simple so much better (like steamed broccoli)
  • If cooking takes more than 20 minutes it’s too long
  • Experimenting is fun – some of the BEST dishes I make are made up
  • Cooking doesn’t mean “COOK” at all, sometimes the best meals involve no cooking at all
Fit food
Cooking (or non cooking) Done Right!


This January I’m launching a closed Facebook monthly subscription site and will introduce you to 30 of my all time favorite “food done right” ┬ámeals.

Click HERE to find out more, it’s only $9.99 to join and you will get a month of magic!

Have a great day everyone!



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