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I have no tribe.png

I have no tribe… My tribe is me and me alone!

Oh it’s been awhile since I posted in my blog, shame on me! This morning I was moved by a post I saw on Facebook. There has been so much talk about “tribe” in social media and it seems this past year it’s really been all the rage. I even thought I needed a tribe but have come to my senses.

You see, I have gone it alone most my life. My trips, my sport, my business as a leader, almost everything has been me, myself, and I. I think that’s what really sets me apart also. Having the guts to do things, the confidence to take the first step, the strength and determination makes me uniquely me. I’m kind of proud I don’t have a tribe because I don’t think I would be who I am today with one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying tribes are bad. They’re  just not for me and I really enjoy venturing out in the big world alone to explore, bump into things, fall down, only to get back up and have the most amazing experiences a person could ever have! I’m a natural born leader, I like making all the decisions and overseeing the results. I’m accountable and responsible and people know who to go to when they need help. I’m uniquely me and not defined by any group.

My tribe is me!


About Connie: 
I’m a board certified integrative nutrition health coach. My passion is food and how food fuels and heals your body. At the age of 50 I decided to do something about my excess weight and lost 65 inches. CLICK HERE for more.

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