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Another surprise I found in my ShakeO? Schisandra

Another superfood I used to purchase separately for my morning shake was Schisandra. Why? This is what is called a Full Spectrum Tonic Herb said to Do it all.

The name comes from China and means “Five Flavors Fruit”. It’s fascinating because the name Five Flavors represents the five classical “tastes” (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty) and this is where “SUPER” comes into play because it possesses the essence of all five of the elemental energies (wood fire, earth, metal and water).

Schisandra stimulates the immune system, fights cancer cells, protects and regenerates the liver, and increases the body’s ability to handle stress. Schisandra is an herb that adapts to the body’s needs, stimulating it in one situation and sedating it in others. It can help revive the body from fatigue and stress. It activates the nervous system without the jittery side effect of caffeine. It has an adaptogenic quality which means it can restore energy balance to the body. The berry has been described as an herb that develops mental and physical health and can potentially increase the body’s ability to adapt to varied stimuli. It helps in digestion and regulating stomach acid release. Studies have shown schisandra ability to quicken reflexes, relieve fatigue, increase work efficiency, control anger and improve headaches, insomnia, dizziness, and palpitations. It also has the ability to promote mental function, improve memory, and benefit learning. It can be used to treat the common cold, asthma, cough, sore throat, hepatitis, allergic skin reactions and chronic diarrhea.

I used to purchase this in capsule form and empty the capsule in my protein smoothie every morning. With ShakeO I no longer have to do that because it’s already part of the mix! Another big surprise for me and all the great superfoods contained in this shake.

Check the image below to hear the video on all the goodness found in this shake! I never knew.



If you’re interested in trying it out, CLICK HERE or feel free to contact me directly. It really is the healthiest meal of my day.


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