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The Age of Sport-1

I’m taking it on, going into battle and fully armed! It’s the game of aging and I’m in it to win! How about you?

I never dreamed it would be this hard after 50, but I’m going to battle fully armed! I’m taking on this thing called aging and I’m armed with good nutrition, fitness, and the spirit of the SPORT!

It’s called WINNING, and like any sport even with Age there are rules. The rules are pretty simple but again just like in sports it takes discipline and hard work and knowledge to know WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

First things first – learning  The AGE OF SPORT. . . . . . . you see, there are a few rules you have to follow:

  • YOU are fully responsible and accountable, there’s no one else to blame for anything (not even doctors)
  •  YOUR BODY IS CHANGING – and you need to be armed with knowledge – Every single thing including your mind is changing with age and you need to KNOW WHAT TO DO!
  • EVERYONE is DIFFERENT – Bio-individuality RULES with this game and sport – Don’t think you can copy what someone else is doing and see changes
  • WINNING at this SPORT is different – It doesn’t matter WHO YOU ARE it matters more WHAT YOU DO!

So now, what’s next?  Stay tuned. . . . . . . . . . .


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