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I Love this quote, not sure where it’s from but its great!

” You are only one decision away from a totally different life”

Thinking back and taking a view at the 30,000-foot, I reflect on those decisions I made that led to unbelievable life events………..

ONE DECISION, A LIFE OF CHANGE (so glad I made these decisions because they have led to so many amazing things!)

  • Work on a dairy farm
  • Take piano lessons
  • Try out for Jersey Girls State
  • Take ¬†art classes in High School
  • Tour with my aunt playing Gospel Music
  • Take computer courses in college
  • Graduate college
  • Move to Philadelphia
  • Travel across the country from NJ to California
  • Accept a job with a small company called Viking Office Products
  • Graduate Dale Carnegie
  • Get my car’s window tinted and an alarm
  • Learn to golf
  • Resign from Office Depot
  • Start my own technology consulting business
  • Take a trip around the world in a private jet
  • Live on a sailboat for a month and visit all the national parks along Costa Rico – go through the Panama Canal
  • Sign up for a trek in Bhutan & complete it
  • Get extremely Fit (this one thing has led to the most amazing things)
  • Attend health coach school – IIN
  • Learn to paddle
  • Make Team USA – Canoe and Kayak Team
  • Purchase an OC-1
  • Resign from Cedars Sinai
  • Start my own Health Coaching business

Each one of the above has changed my life in directions I have never dreamed!!!!

How about you?

-Coach Connie

For more about Connie Click HERE

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