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Houston, We’re in Trouble

Huston we're in trouble

It was early Monday morning, orientation day. My first day at one of the best hospitals in the world. I was so excited as this was my passion – helping people get better. I looked around, so many new hires just like me. It really hit me how sick everyone must be to have to need so many new people.

First things first, coffee….  Ah yes, there in the back was a table with coffee, tea, orange juice and what????  Doughnuts!  Where’s the fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal? How can this be I’m in a hospital that’s primary purpose is to heal the sick.

I grabbed the coffee and sat down. Looking around I soon noticed that most everyone around me looked overweight. I didn’t need a scale or BMI reading it was pretty obvious visually even with scrubs on. I could see in their eyes and skin that there were serious health issues – their eyes looked foggy, skin swollen and red, the hands were shaking, and their breath heavy. The visual signs were all there and it wasn’t just a few people. I started to get concerned. Where was I, what was I doing among all these people that were here to help others with their health when their own health was failing?

That’s when it REALLY hit me! Houston we have problems!!!!!! If our own health experts can’t take care of themselves how are they taking care of our sick? Everything changed for me on that orientation day. I took MORE CONTROL over my own healthcare and being responsible for my own records and testing. I had a deeper desire to learn more about nutrition and fitness and how to maintain my own good health and that of my husbands. I realized it was up to me to take responsibility because it was obvious the “experts” had serious problems themselves and I wasn’t going to put my fate in their hands.

I guess in some ways this experience saved my life and the life of my husband. It was a real wake-up call that I needed to confirm I was on the right course practicing in a new career as a health coach. People are sick, they eat food that makes them sick, they don’t know better because the experts in the field are sick too and that’s who they trust.

The next time you visit your doctor, take a good hard look at them and their staff. Do they look healthy? Is this the group you want to trust with your health? There are a few good ones out there so search until you find them! Your LIFE could depend upon it!


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