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Today I start a new series called “You Asked, I listened”. Ask a question and I’ll put it on my list to address. You can send questions to:

This week’s topic is called: STICK TO THE PLAN 

 I will provide daily tips throughout the week on how to Stick to the Plan and stay motivated.

Today’s Tip:  MAKE IT COST

Unfortunately most things that are long lasting and really make a big impact or change in our lives cost. Getting healthy through both exercise and fitness is going to cost if you want to instill long lasting discipline.

The cost most likely will be money and time but that cost will help you Stick With the Plan. Review your finances and find places you are splurging on things you can do without. Shift your budget to where it’s needed and where you will get the most reward for yourself and your loved ones.

You all know that most anything you can get for FREE on the internet. From recipes to workout programs to advice. But FREE doesn’t commit us to anything.  We  NEED A STAKE, something that we have committed that makes us NEED to follow the program.

So my question to you if your not sticking to a plan is “What’s your PERSONAL STAKE in the objective”

-Coach Connie


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