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EMBRACE CHANGE you never know where it may lead. As part of my own health and wellness journey, I sometimes feel alone stumbling along trying new things so I wanted to share with you what I learned about The GLOW with GREENS.

A few years back I needed to change things up. I reached a weight plateau and nothing was budging. I believe my digestion (gut) along with my metabolism, lymph system, and thyroid were not playing together nicely. I decided to start eating ALL GREEN for my dinners for SEVEN WEEKS and here is what I learned……     

IN JUST 3 DAYS—-> Weight started dropping – In non medical terms I believe my internals were just used to doing the same thing over and over and the interaction between vital organs was off – I needed to “shock” my system into something different to wake things up (in non-medical terms of course)

 IN 2 WEEKS—> My skin glowed like never before! (hence the photo) This was a real shock about 2 weeks after eating all green for dinner. I woke up one morning and realized my face was glowing and the only thing different I had done was change up my dinners to ALL GREEN. A real testimony to how healthy foods can really change things.

 FOR LIFE—> I discovered new vegetables that I had never had and they are now staples in my food plans. One such vegetable is called Bok-Choy. I found a recipe that was simple using coconut oil and tofu and it’s become our favorite dinner. 

 Getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things, discovering along the way has been a lifelong adventure for me. Some things are good surprises, some things are what I like to call “lessons learned” or what not to do. Either way, I have no regrets.

 What are you doing to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE?  Give it a try, you might be surprised.

 – Coach Connie

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