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Hey there, are you like me?

I have always been curious about going RAW but didn’t want to DIVE in Heads First without a life line.


Let me put you to ease and do what I did! Commit to 3 Days – You can do anything for 3 days and it’s long enough to figure out:

  • What it’s like eating RAW
  • How does your body react to going RAW
  • Does eating RAW mean giving up tasty food
  • Is eating RAW hard
  • Is eating RAW going to be healthy, good for you

If you have always been curious what it’s like then join me and many other for the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the Month as we will get RAW together!

Here’s what we do:

It’s a CLOSED Facebook dedicated group
You get amazing great RAW menus and a Shopping List
Download your jjournal and document how you feel at the end of every day
Get ton’s of information and education on eating RAW
Share RAW recipes

Join today and start your education before the first Monday of next month – It’s easy, you will be well prepared in advance and you will learn alot.

CLICK HERE to join the group:  CLICK HERE

I look forward to going RAW with you!


More about Connie? Click HERE

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