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With the summer upon us and the hot weather we sometimes find ourselves running out of steam literally! I decided to make a really super simple outline for you on how to increase your energy during the day through easy self-care techniques that are non-food related.



Tip #1: Try Rebounding
Tip #2: Scrape your tongue
Tip #3: Apply Essential Oils to your wrists (peppermint works great)
Tip #4: Use a stability ball while sitting at your desk
Tip #5: Do deep breathing exercises once every hour or on breaks
Tip #6: Listen to inspirational audios or music on your way to work
Tip #7: Place a healing stone around your desk, in your purse, or wear it
Tip #8: Eat lunch outside – get some sunshine
Tip #9: Refresh the skin with a mist of water infused with essential oils
Tip #10: Let the natural light in
Tip #11: Do yoga for ten minutes every day
Tip #12: Listen to your favorite music on low while working
Tip #13: Write Love Notes to yourself and stick them around your office
Tip #14: Make inspirational notes for others
Tip #15: DISRUPT your daily routine – drive a different way to work
Tip #16: Get a Massage
Tip #17: Go in the Sauna at the spa
Tip #18: Take a Nap in the afternoon
Tip #19: Put on your “Sundays best” even if your not going anywhere special
Tip #20: Drink lemon water with infused peppermint
Tip #21: Hug someone every single day

So don’t let hot weather this summer rob you of energy. Put these tips on a piece of paper in a jar – pull one tip a day and give it a try!

In good health –


i-can-help-2 Connie is a board certified integrative nutrition health coach. She specializes in helping people learn how to get healthy through food and fitness without disrupting lifestyle or making drastic changes quick that do not have long lasting results. For more information on Connie, please CLICK HERE

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