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Clean never felt so good!

Clean never felt so good
It’s not just about food and fitness. Your ENVIRONMENT plays a big role in your overall well being.


It’s funny, most everyone I meet just want’s the latest diet plan or healthy food list or latest weight loss pill. Quick and easy is the theme here and it’s hard to tell people that quick and easy just doesn’t work.

Lately, I have been studying a lot of different topics on health and wellness and a common theme I see is ENVIRONMENT and the impact it has on us. So I’m taking a step back from food and fitness for a while and focusing a little on my own environment.

My first focus area is my home office since this is where I spend most time. This week instead of purchasing fresh cut flowers I purchased assorted herbs and put them in pretty glass jars. They really help to brighten up the space and it looks and feels so FRESH!

So I’ll still keep up with my healthy eating and exercise routine but I’m being mindful about my environment / surroundings. This week is all about a focus on me and my office!¬† What about you?

In good health – Coach Connie

Clean Week¬†Join my next CLEAN WEEK – It’s just 7 days. Check it out HERE


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