Random Thoughts


Anyone can make you smile, many can make you cry, but it takes really special moments to smile so much it brings tears to your eyes.


It’s Valentines Day week and I’m so excited. I get the opportunity to utilize some of my talents towards the good of others. Valentine’s day is a great time to reflect on all those loves in your life. The people, the places you’ve been, the foods you can’t live without, your friends, and your family.

Years past I never would have thought work as a place I loved. Don’t get me wrong, I have always thrived at jobs I’ve held. But, this year is different. I can honestly say I LOVE my work. How lucky am I? I wouldn’t call it luck as much as someone who is determined to make the best of a very short time at this thing called life.

I’m not special. I have no special talents. I wasn’t the best in school nor did I have any special affiliations with the rich and famous. But what I have is HEART and a desire to help people become their best. You see, I have somehow stumbled into a life of AMAZINGNESS!!!! One obstacle or challenge after another has turned into something I would never have dreamed possible. Maybe it’s how I see things.
I see HOPE in people that have none.
I see GREAT FUTURES for young kids struggling.
I see KINDNESS in people that sometimes may seem cold and not caring.
I see SMILES on faces I don’t know.
And lastly, I see LOVE in hearts of strangers I pass by.

This life has brought me so many blessings. Each day holds new opportunities to be kind and helpful to others. I’ve found a little positive thinking and a smile can go far in life and have a greater impact than you could ever imagine on others.

Here are some simple things I believe in:

#1: Cultivate a life of joy (stop doing things you hate doing)
#2: Take action (don’t wait for perfection – Just do it)
#3: Stop negative talk
#4: Be content with yourself
#5: Stop looking in the past (it’s gone, done with, over – move on)
#6: Speak up (don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right)
#7: Know when to walk away (stop working hard at stuff you have no control over)
#8: Get more face time (connections with people is key)
#9: Take pride in yourself
#10: Don’t hold back (go for it!)

Have a Wonderful Valentines day everyone and don’t forget to be kind to others.


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