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Forget counting calories because there’s a better way to figure out how much food to eat at every meal so you can look and feel better.

Just take a look at the palm of your hand.

Using your fist, palm, cupped hand, and thumb to practice calorie control, you can avoid the hassle of actually counting calories, all while ensuring you’re getting the whole food nutrients your body needs. Toss out the food scales and clean out the cabinets and drawers of measuring cups. No calculators or smartphone calorie counting apps needed here. All you need is the ability to count to two and your own hand.

Here’s how it works (the measurement):

PROTEINS  – 1 portion should fit in the palm of your hand (not to exceed onto the fingers) and the hand should be laid out flat

VEGGIES – 1 portion equals the size of your entire fist – make a fist with 1 hand and that’s the number of veggies at each meal you should eat

CARBOHYDRATES – Cup your hand, the number of carbohydrates that fit within the cup is 1 portion

HEALTHY FATS – Your Thumb determines 1 fat portion – use the widest part of the thumb flattened on a plate (that’s the amount)

Here’s the rule of thumb (no pun intended) to determine intake amount: 

For protein-dense foods like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or beans use a palm-sized serving. The recommendation is woman eat one palm-sized portion with each meal.

For veggies like broccoli, spinach, salad, carrots, etc. use the first-sized serving. The average woman should eat one fist-sized portion of vegetables with each meal (more is ok)

For carbohydrate dense foods like grains, starches or fruits – use a cupped hand to determine the serving. It is recommended that women eat one cupped hand-sized portion of carbohydrates with most meals.

For healthy fats  – like oils, nut butter, nuts/seeds – use your entire thumb to determine the recommended serving size. A woman can eat one thumb-sized portion of fats with most meals.

It’s assumed the average person will eat 3-4 times a day. Of course, just like any other form of food planning, this only serves as a general guide or starting point.

You can’t know exactly how your body will respond so stay flexible and adjust your portions based on your hunger, fullness, and level of fitness or strenuous activity.

Want more help?

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In good health,

Coach Connie


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