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Most people think those high-fat foods are the reason their pants are fitting a bit tighter. They’re not far off, the diet of the average American does contain a lot of unhealthy, high-fat foods, but also a lot of carbohydrates.

The SAD (Standard American Diet)is loaded with artificial foods and high carbohydrates, the body breaks down the glucose found in the carbs and stores the fat from these fatty foods.

However, the ketogenic diet, which eliminates nearly all carbohydrates, advocates the consumption of “healthful” fats to allow the body to use FAT to burn as Fuel. So reduce the carbohydrates and add in the HEALTHY FATS to literally MELT THE FAT!

Here are my TOP TIPS to help you incorporate healthy fats into your diet (and at the same time reduce your carbs):

#1: SKIP inflammatory oils like canola or corn oil – Instead, reach for alternatives like coconut or extra virgin olive oil
#2: Incorporate only GRASS-FED meats into your diet
#3: Occasional fruit consumption is ok – stick to berries as they contain less sugar and more fiber
#4: Get more Omega-3s in your diet and reach for supplements like DHA, ALA or fish oil

Are you interested in learning more? Do you want help learning how to burn fat as fuel? Are you trying to reduce your sugar intake but struggling?

I have a 28 Day Ketogenic Program that’s EASY…… You can start burning fat in just a few days as your fuel. I teach you day by day simple things to do that aren’t overwhelming in an already busy life. What does the program include?

  • Simple easy to read Program Guide (teaches you everything you need to know to get going)
  • Easy Journal (document your goal and track your progress in a fun easy way)
  • Delicious Keto Recipes with the Macro Nutrients already calculated FOR YOU (no counting calories) It’s done for you!
  • FOUR weeks of suggested menus that are optimized to get you into ketosis (fat burning mode)
  • Associated Shopping lists done for you (based off the four-week menus)
  • Access to Me and a Private Members Only Ketogenic Community (I provide daily support and Go Live to help you on your journey)
  • Access to OVER 30 Coaching Videos specifically on the ketogenic topics that are designed specifically for this 28-day program
  • Lifetime program access to an on-line area where you can do this over and over again
  • GET FOUR BONUS HANDOUTS (worth over $800 alone)

Want more information?  CLICK here and get access to everything TODAY!

Don’t let another day go by where you WISHED you had done this! I’m here to help.

-Coach Connie


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