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JUST LET GO, Is it time you BREAK UP with your GYM? 

let go

Everyone tells me they want to get fit but yet doing the same thing over and over again is not yielding new results! That’s why I’m telling you to BREAK UP WITH YOUR GYM! Yes, that’s right – NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to DITCH what’s not working, that DEAD END RELATIONSHIP with your gym and here’s why:

  • The gym is usually CROWDED when you want to go and there’s line to use the most popular equipment
  • Gyms aren’t invested in your success. In fact, they rely on people NOT SHOWING UP, because if every member actually worked out, there wouldn’t be enough room to work out.
  • Going back to the same old gym means going back to the SAME OLD ROUTINE – the one that HASN’T worked in the past and ISN’T LIKELY TO WORK NOW.

Instead of locking yourself into a relationship that doesn’t work for you, it’s TIME TO PLAY THE FIELD:

  • Try something different
  • Get a taste of variety in exercises for effectiveness
  • Do new things you have been curious to try but didn’t want to invest a lot of money afraid you won’t like it
  • Train with some of the worlds BEST TRAINERS – the most elite in the industry

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU’RE READY FOR A NEW FITNESS RELATIONSHIP? When things haven’t been working. When you can’t find anyone to root for you to succeed or go above and beyond to help you in your fitness quest.

If YOU’RE READY SO AM I!!!  GET A FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP FOR ONLY $99 and gain access to over 800+ Exercise, with included meal plans and SUPPORT from me, a Coach that Helps You ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS! 


I’m here to help!

Coach Connie


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