Did you realize over 800+ hospitals across the USA practice REIKI with their patients as an additional form of healing? Checkout the additional benefits you can expect to receive with just 1 treatment….

#1: RELIEVES STRESS  A healthy life has minimal stress. Stress causes dozens of medical problems such as hypertension, cardiac issues, and kidney disease

#2: IMPROVES SLEEP  A calm mind is important for a good night’s sleep and helps improve mental alertness and fewer aches and pains

#3  STIMULATES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The immune system is always under attack from allergins, cancers, infectious diseases, and other disorders. Reiki provides fresh supplies of vital life energy to boost immunity naturally and help maintain health.

#4 CREATES A POSITIVE MENTAL OUTLOOK The soothing environment and gentle, a non-invasive touch associated with Reiki sets the stage for a relaxing experience open to positive life possibilities – REIKI helps fade away the negative thinking and clear the negative energies that loom within

#5 FOSTERS LIVING IN THE PRESENT  Reiki allows you to push aside things you have no control over and focus on the present – what you CAN do. This leads to creativity and positive thinking which results in positive relationships.

Are you in the Redondo Beach California area? Interested in experiencing a Reiki 50 minute session of relaxation and stress relief? Message me at: (310) 919-4968 or CLICK HERE to BOOK your first 50 Minutes Session:  BOOK MY REIKI SESSION 

Learn more about your Reiki Session HERE 

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