Your Third Eye Chakra helps you see things as they truly are but even the slightest imbalance can wreak havoc on your psychological, emotional, and physical health.

3rd Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is located at the forehead, slightly above the center of both eyes. It is the sixth of the seven basic chakras, or energy centers in the body. This chakra governs the pineal gland and your vision, intuition, memory, and imagination.

Signs if your Third Eye Chakra is out of balance? If you have an over active chakra, you will find an excess of energy being produced causing your mind to go into overdrive. Think about those mornings you had too many cups of coffee….. get the idea what it feels like? You may find it difficult to concentrate, unable to complete projects, and maybe find yourself jumping from one situation to another in a somewhat chaotic way.

On the other end of the spectrum, an energy deficiency can affect your ability to concentrate, process information, and even remember or retrieve information from memory. An under-active Third Eye chakra can make you indecisive, procrastinate, or become fearful of the unknown. You will find an inability to focus, keep a cool head under pressure, or may even experience problems sleeping.

How to Activate Your Third Eye Chakra? Activation is performed through an awakening and the ability to see things more clearly. Your intuition will heighten, and your thinking will become clearer as well as memory recall. Reiki energy healing can help awaken this chakra. I like incorporating in my sessions the sacred chumpy stones from Peru as well as essential oils like rosemary and sandalwood. I also recommend a list of healing foods to maintain the health of the charka even after a therapy session. Some of the foods I recommend include: Eggplant, Plums, Blueberries, Purple Peppers, Cabbage and Kale.

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Connie’s professional background in the health and wellness field coupled with her experience as a Usui Master Reiki Therapist and Oncology Master Reiki Therapist as well as a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals is uniquely fitting to help guide you in your healing or transformation journey using safe, natural, holistic measures coupled with healing foods for the body. Connie has received many honors and awards for her work at Cedars Sinai, St Joseph Health Systems, and CMS (Center of Medicare/Medicaid Services). She tried out for Team USA Olympic Canoe and Kayak team at the age of 55 and now holds 5 world medals in her sport. You can read more about Connie’s story featured on Amazon’s books bestseller listing called “Take On Aging as a Sport, the athletic approach to aging”. by Sharkie Zartman 

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