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Here’s to New Beginnings!

welcome autumn - here's to new beginnings

October is a time of refresh, new beginnings and adjustments. It’s the last quarter of the year and a great time to get on track with new goals and dreams.

Just like the trees who shed their leaves this time of year so we too can let loose and release weight we have been carrying that does not serve us any longer. For this reason, I choose the Solar Plexus Chakra as this month’s special focus.

The main purpose of this chakra is to create a center for life. This chakra has the ability to give life as well as create and generate emotional energies. It’s also known to be associated with transformation and purification. When your solar plexus chakra is open, it will directly affect the sense of sight – seeing things as they truly are.

Solar Plexus – Expression of Will – Power & Mental Abilities

Let’s start with the basics of this Chakra and where it’s located. You will find the solar plexus area in the upper part of the belly, where your diaphragm rests. It is the 3rd chakra from the bottom in the traditional system counting 7 chakras.

The Color of this chakra is YELLOW (higher frequencies of this chakra can turn into a beautiful golden yellow – think of the sunset).

The symbol is a circle with 10 petals in which is inscribed a downward-pointing triangle. The inverted triangle represents the fire element and the transformative power of this energy center. The original name of his chakra is Manipura and it is associated with the element of Fire (with a tight connection with the sun, heat, & the energy of light).

Fire turns matter into energy that can be used to propel, move forward.

Common Healing Stones used when working with this chakra include Citrine, tiger’s eye, and yellow tourmaline. I ❣️all of these stones because they all have a tone of yellow which makes them glisten – aluminate. The plant medicine (oils) associated with this chakra include chamomile, bergamot, cedar wood and rosemary. All very popular soothing oils.

What the Solar Plexus is known for?

  • Expression of will
  • Intellectual abilities
  • The “accounting mind” that categorizes everything, assesses the plusses and minuses in life
  • Personal power
  • Ability to establish ideas and plans into reality
  • At high levels, conveys wisdom

The main function of this energy center is to provide actual momentum to move forward and realize personal desires and intentions in the world. It plays a fundamental role in the development of personal power. It feeds one’s direction in life and the actions taken in order to reach your goals. It influences preoccupations about social status and self-image.

I have been studying the chakras and incorporating chakra healing work in my traditional Reiki energy/cleansing therapy. Each of the chakras have specific qualities, all of which exists energy centers within specific parts of the body. Chakras are said to hold the key for better health and well-being. They were discovered by the yogis of ancient India during meditation. I like adding this to my traditional Reiki sessions when my clients express specific areas of healing they feel needed.

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Connie’s professional background in the health and wellness field coupled with her experience as a Usui Master Reiki Therapist and Oncology Master Reiki Therapist as well as a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals is uniquely fitting to help guide you in your healing or transformation journey using safe, natural, holistic measures coupled with healing foods for the body. Connie has received many honors and awards for her work at Cedars Sinai, St Joseph Health Systems, and CMS (Center of Medicare/Medicaid Services). She tried out for Team USA Olympic Canoe and Kayak team at the age of 55 and now holds 5 world medals in her sport. You can read more about Connie’s story featured on Amazon’s books bestseller listing called “Take On Aging as a Sport, the athletic approach to aging”. by Sharkie Zartman

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