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Two as WON

This past weekend I raced in Dublin Ireland and the team I joined was a mix crew from America and Australia. We did amazing considering we never paddled together but this experience brought to light the importance of TEAM and everyone executing the same strategy. What we could have done? If we came together as WON we probably would have brought home gold medals in 2 categories. Sometimes it takes experiences like this to teach important lessons and these will be the coaching staffs battle wounds which in the future will make their teams even stronger.

I only have 1 more race left and it’s going to be my favorite as my husband is joining me. In October we will travel to Lake Las Vegas for the annual regatta. I love this race and I’ll be with a familiar team. I then decide If I retire my dragonboat career as a competitive international racer as its time I move on.

Dublin Ireland Race Results:

2nd International Division Major final 400 mix

3rd International Division Major final 200 mix

4th International Division Major Final 400 woman’s